Liquid cold plate is a kind efficient heat sink of IGBT, GTO and other power elements . It can control the temperature of the power module so that it does not exceed the maximum temperature specified in the standard and specification under the working conditions. The calculation of the maximum permissible temperature is based on the finite element thermal analysis and the analysis of the working conditions of the components, and is consistent with the reliability requirements of the products and the requirements of the operating environment. So as to achieve the power module safe, stable and reliable operation and extend the service life of the equipment. High-power dissipated electronic equipment is often used to control the hot spot temperature by forcing the liquid cold plate device of liquid cooling. The water cooling heatsink is made of copper or aluminum with high thermal conductivity. The water circulation system is embedded into the water cooling plate, and the electronic components are fixed directly on the water cooling plate. Compared with the air-cooled system, the heat capacity of water is four times that of air, so the water-cooled system has a good thermal load capacity, and at the same temperature rise and mass flow rate, the heat absorbed by water is four times that of air.

In the power electronics control, transformation, driving, and signal transmission fields, cooling challenges have become the major constraint for the idealization of product developments. Liquid cooling techniques became the thermal management approach of priority. LORI is providing all-around liquid cooling solutions and we are providing you with the thermal design, structural design, pipework assembly design of liquid and water cold plates and one-stop supplementary services.