CNC Milling Service

Lori can provide customers with quick cnc milling service for custom prototyping and end-use production parts. We have more than 100 advanced milling machine equipments, such as 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis, automatic, manual milling machines. Our CNC milling service is designed to enable the rapid creation of complex geometries and features for plastic and metal parts, providing you with competitive prices, quick delivery and DFM of materials and manufacturing processes on your custom CNC milling parts for , no matter your industry.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC milling is a kind of high – tech manufacturing process of precision hardware parts. Machinable various types of materials, such as 316, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, titanium alloy, copper, iron, acrylic, teflon, POM rods and other metal and solid plastic raw materials.

In CNC milling, the solid plastic or metal block is held in a rigid vice or holding fixture, mounted on a work table. This table rotates as well as pivots, making two axes of movement. Cutting tools mounted on a rotating spindle remove material to quickly cut the solid plastic and metal blocks into the final parts. We use 3-axis milling and 5-axis index milling process to produce a variety of complex geometric feature parts on the solid plastic and metal blocks.

cnc machining center

CNC milling materials

Although CNC milling can milling any solid, stable material, we have a standard selection of raw material , we have more than 50 kinds of production grade plastic and metal materials suitable for various parts applications and industries. These include hard plastics and aluminum, various steels, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper and other alloys.


Benefit For CNC Milling

CNC milling is ideal for making angular shapes, slots and channels, chamfering, holes, curves,flat surfaces and many other features. CNC milling machine can quickly and precisely remove a large amounts of materials, while producing a good surface finish. Milling can be done on any rigid material, although we mainly use metals and plastics. Milling is the most common of all available CNC machining processes. CNC milling machines are designed for precision manufacturing and repeatability and are ideal for rapid prototyping and small to large volume production. Milling is used not only to make finished parts, but also to make plastic injection molding and die casting tools. Setup time is minimal, so a CAD file can be converted to finished product in a few hours. Since you don’t need to make other specialized tools, you don’t have to commit to a minimum order, so the process is very cost effective and almost wasteful.


Industries that use CNC milling

CNC milling is the main force of manufacturing industril. CNC milling is a critical process in many industries due to its strict tolerances and wide range of materials. Some of the major industries that benefited from the CNC milling are aerospace and defense, automobiles, consumer electronics, energy, medical, robotics and research and development. CNC machines are also crucial to many other manufacturing processes



Projects take flight with drone, aircraft interior and wiring organization components


Kick production into overdrive with a range of auto applications


The latest home goods and appliances take shape here


Support for both national and personal defense projects


Essential parts for an endless range of applications


Essential parts for an endless range of applications

CNC Machining Guidelines

Reducing Machining Costs

Understand more information about how key design and material considerations can reduce your machining costs

Threaded holes on machining parts

Our CNC machining service makes it easy to add threaded features to milled and turned parts. View the available threading options.


Design guide

Our design guidelines for CNC milling are to help improve the manufacturability of parts, improve appearance, and reduce overall production time.

CNC Machining parts

Lori has the latest precision milling and turning process with professional technology to provide customers with high quality prototype and on-demand parts.

Rapid Prototyping

Test your new product before putting it into production through rapid prototyping.Your prototype can validate your design while ensuring that it has been properly designed for manufacturing.

Test Equipment

We have advance test equipments for testing cnc machining parts.Like High precision CMM, 2.5D, Projector, Salt spray tester, Roughness tester, Microcomputer tension tester, Tension tester, Spring tension tester, etc

Ready to start your CNC milling project?

We can provide you with a range of finishing services for your choice and quality assurance. Please contact us and send us your 3D or CAD drawings, we will provide you with a quick quotation.