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CNC Machining

Lori has the latest precision milling and turning process with professional technology to provide customers with high quality prototype and on-demand parts.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Lori specializes in customizing cost-effective sheet metal solutions including punching, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, stamping, and bending sheet metal services.

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Injection Molding

Lori offers cost-effective injection molding solutions, Rapid Molded prototypes and low-volume parts Manufacturing services. Injection molding a variety of plastics, including acetal, nylon, PVC, ABS, etc

Die Casting

Lori offers a complete range of die casting services. These include die making, die casting, machining, polishing and electroplating. Our advanced inspection and testing equipment ensures the quality of your raw materials and finished products.

CNC Manufacturing Services
Lori offers CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, stamping, injection molding, die casting, and much more.
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Rapid Sheet Metal Parts manufacturing
As a scale sheet metal factory, we have strong production capacity and a professional team to ensure quick quote, production, and on-time delivery, whether you need a prototype or mass production
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Injection Molding Services
We specialize in producing high-quality Injection molding produces parts and mold Lori offers cost-effective injection molding solutions whether you need 50 pieces or a large production order.
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Lori was established Shenzhen, China in 2008 and has become the fastest manufacturer of high precision custom parts for many fields around the world, and now we offer manufacturing service included CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, Stamping, Die casting, Sheet metal fabrication, and so on. In order to provide our customers with many material options and more high precision cnc machining parts, we imported some high-end CNC equipments, such as 3 axis and 5 axis machines.  Lori is widely recognized as a CNC machining factory, providing customers with rapid custom design, pricing, prototyping, and on-demand ordering and production part.

Lori manufacturing- The subtlety shows the craftsmanship

Every industry has a kind of soul, call “craftsman spirit”.That is a kind of awe-inspiring temperament: excellence, meticulous, rigorous, patient, focus, persistence, innovation, dedication. However, the goal of LORI’s craftsman spirit is to customize and manufacture exquisite products, so that the high-quality customized products of lori can be introduced into all walks of life

Our Capabilities

At Lori, we provide quality design guidance, prototyping, rapid tooling, and low-volume manufacturing services to support your product development needs. Our team of engineers works with you to make your custom manufacturing easier through our manufacturing technologies like CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, stamping, plastic injection molding, die casting and a range of finishing services. If you are ready to start a new project, please contact us immediately for a quote.

Design guide

We can provide customers with a variety of manufacturing technologies design guidelines, please read our design guides for specific process-specific design and manufacturing tips, for your custom parts to choose the right process

Rapid Prototyping

Test your new product before putting it into production through rapid prototyping.Your prototype can validate your design while ensuring that it has been properly designed for manufacturing.

On-demand Manufacturing

We can provide on demand manufacturing services, we have strong production capacity and a professional team to ensure quickly manufacturing, and on-time delivery, whether you need a low-volume manufacturing or mass manufacturing.

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