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Precision CNC Machining

Upload your CAD files, receive an instant cnc precision machining price and get your custom precision machining parts into production.

Our Precision CNC Machining Services for Custom Parts

When Looking for High-quality precision CNC machining services for Custom prototypes and production parts. At Lori machining, you can get wide range of high precision CNC machining services and experienced production teams, whos are very skilled in the use of 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machines to provide you with high precision machined parts at competitive prices and short lead times with the best and most advanced manufacturing solutions. We offer CNC milling and CNC turning, Wire EDM Machining, wire cutting, CNC laser cutting and surface grinding services. We can handle all the technical problems for prototypes and production parts.

Our Precision CNC Machining Capabilities

First, We have many years of experience in manufacturing precision parts, so we know how to manufacture precision parts. No matter what type of tight tolerance parts we encounter, our engineers are able to choose the most appropriate production method to manufacture them while keeping the costs of the precision parts as low as possible.

Lori uses high-quality CNC machines, tools, jigs, vise and on-machine, in-process inspection systems that allow us to achieve tighter tolerances than other machining workshops.

In addition to our process quality control system, our Quality Control department also has the most experienced personnel. They are familiar with a range of inspection equipments, including coordinate measuring machines ,laser projectors, 2D scanners and 3D scanners, so we can ensure that all parts we manufacture meet the highest standards

Precision Machining Types That We Offer

We provide various types of precision machining, mainly CNC turning, CNC milling, wire cutting, precision EDM, precision grinding and so on.

Why Choose Loris Precision Machining Service

With the progress and development of science and technology, the application of automation and high-tech products is more and more extensive, precision mechanical parts are becoming more and more important, and the processing accuracy of parts directly affects the quality of equipment, production line and products. Lori Technology In the face of the rapid development of precision machining industry, we have the following four core advantages, which is why you should choose Lori precision machining services.

  • 01

    Advanced Imported Equipment

    Lori has a large number of high-precision imported manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment in the precision machining industry, so our production process and materials are comprehensive. Mainly including precision CNC turning, CNC milling, electric discharge, wire cutting, grinding, Hexagon CMM, Olympus XRF analyzer, and mold, fixture assembly and other high-precision machining capabilities, in line cutting, EDM, boring grinding, surface grinding and other types of processing accuracy can reach ±3μm.

  • 02

    Experienced Technical Team 

    Whether in the aerospace, automotive, medical, or electronics industries, our engineers have accumulated deep experience in many previous projects in the field of precision machining, so they are very capable and confident to handle complex and precision parts in multiple industries.

  • 03

    High Precision and Tight Tolerances

     In order to ensure the high performance, high precision and high quality delivery of products, Lori special is equipped with Zeiss three-dimensional coordinate, Good Vision 2.5 scanners, 3 scanners, spectral material analyzer, Trimos height meter and other high-precision imported testing equipment.

CNC precision machining
  • 04

    Global Business Layout

    In the field of precision machining, Lori has organic processing plants all over the world, with long-term and stable partners for raw materials, heat treatment, surface treatment and so on. Through reliable and rapid supply chain system, we can serve the global market and improve the core technical capabilities and market share of the fine machinery and processing business.

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    Quick Turnaround

    We accelerate your product development, from prototyping to production. Our fast turnaround turns designs into prototypes, enabling faster iterations and reduced time to market. Our CNC machining can be extended to any production volume. 

  • 06

    Professional Customer Support

    Lori has professional engineers ready to optimize your design, reduce costs and improve quality. Trust Lori's team to provide superior advice and unmatched engineering support to ensure top-notch project outcomes

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