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Zinc Die Casting

Lori provides zinc die casting services for custom metal parts and products, our production turnaround time is short and the quality is excellent, please upload your CAD file and contact us, we will provide you with a fast, accurate and competitive quote for zinc die casting services for your parts.

What is zinc die casting?

Zinc die casting is a metal casting process mainly used to produce complex metal parts. It is characterized by pressing molten metal into the mold cavity. The mold cavity is created using two hardened tool steel dies that are machined to the net or near net shape of the zinc die cast.

Zinc alloy is the easiest metal to die cast. Due to the low melting point of zinc alloy, good casting performance, high precision, high dimensional stability, high hardness, it can be fully recycled. It is economical to make small parts from zinc alloys. Because the material price of zinc alloy is close to aluminum, its density is almost twice that of aluminum alloy. Therefore, in the case of the same die casting size, the material cost of zinc alloy is almost twice that of aluminum alloy.

The Zinc Die Casting Process

The process of zinc die casting mainly includes mold design, mold manufacturing, melting, injection, cooling and demoulding. First, according to the shape and size requirements of the product mold design and then manufacture the corresponding mold. Next, the zinc alloy is heated to melt to the appropriate temperature and the molten zinc alloy is injected into the mold. After the zinc alloy is cooled and solidified, the zinc alloy parts can be released. Looking for the best zinc die casting parts manufacturers? Lori is the zinc die casting factories, we can provide you high quality, cost effective die cast parts.

Advantages of Zinc Die Casting Process

Lori is a professional zinc die casting process manufacturer, consistently delivers highly reliable zinc die casting services and high precision products to a wide range of industries.

If you are looking for high precisional zinc die casting parts, Lori can provide you with the best zinc die casting services, the following is the advantages of zinc die casting process.

High modeling complexity

Zinc die casting process can produce complex shapes and diverse geometric structures of parts to meet the needs of different products.

Good surface quality

The fluidity of zinc alloy is good, and it can fill the fine gaps in the mold so that the surface finish of zinc die casting parts is high and the dimensional accuracy is high.

High production efficiency

Zinc die casting process has high production efficiency, which can quickly manufacture large quantities of parts, improve production efficiency and product delivery speed.

Excellent material properties

Zinc alloy has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, which can meet the requirements of various industrial fields.

Applications of Zinc Die Casting

Zinc alloy die casting has a very wide range of applications, not only in the automotive, electronics, communications and other industrial fields have a wide range of applications, but also in household goods and construction and other fields have a wide range of application prospects.

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