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Custom Injection Molding Service

Lori is a expert injection molding manufacturer,we can provide custom injection molding services for prototyping and on demand production.

Injection Molding Process

Our injection molding process enables the rapid production of custom prototypes and end-use production parts.  We use the most advanced manufacturing technology, equipment, efficient molds.  Specializing in the conception and manufacture of small, medium and high volume OEM and ODM, serving customers who require reliable high quality,low cost,fast delivery flexibility manufacturing partners.  From front end to end design and manufacturing, we provide total injection mould solutions to ensure that our customers' expectations are always met.

Why Choose Lori for Custom Injection Molding Service

Lori provides advanced injection molding services, injection molding solutions covering the selection of high-quality raw materials, strict control of injection molding processes, mold design, prototyping and production. Our team of experts is committed to providing professional technical support.  Fast high volume manufacturing and injection molding services. 

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