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Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing

Lori's system enables synchronized printing across hundreds of DLP devices, ensuring you receive the highest quality printing service.

What Is DLP 3D Printing?

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is an advanced 3D printing technology that utilizes the properties of liquid photosensitive polymers, which cure when exposed to specific light. In Digital Light Processing(DLP) , a digital light source precisely projects light onto the surface of the liquid photosensitive resin, curing it layer by layer to form the final object parts

DLP technology emerged more than a decade after Stereolithography (SLA) and is recognized as the second generation of light-curing molding technology. While both DLP and SLA rely on light cured liquid polymers, Digital Light Processing (DLP) uses a high-resolution digital light projector to precisely control  light projection. This allows for detailed and efficient layer-by-layer curing of the liquid polymer. As a result, DLP technology is highly valued in the 3D printing industry for its precision and efficiency.

DLP 3D Printing Process

1. First, slice the 3D model using slicing software and display the slices using a projector. Each layer of the image is cured in a thin resin layer by a photopolymerization reaction to form a thin layer of the part

2. Then, the build platform moves to the next layer (this can be done in two different ways: upward or downward). The projector then displays the next slice, and the process continues for the subsequent layer.

3. This cycle repeats until the printing is complete.

4. After printing, remove the parts from the platform using a spatula. Clean the parts with anhydrous ethanol, and then perform post-curing to finalize the process.

Advantages Of DLP 3D Printing

Subtitle Description

Compared with other 3D printing technologies, DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing equipment demonstrates significant competitiveness in the manufacturing field due to its unique advantages. By projecting tiny pixel blocks, the device achieves a dimensional accuracy of about 50μm, meeting the manufacturing needs for products with extremely high detail accuracy. This ensures machining dimensional accuracy within the precise range of 20-30μm and makes the entire machining process more efficient due to its surface projection characteristics.

The projection structure of DLP 3D printing equipment is typically integrated, resulting in a more compact layer curing molding module. This compact design reduces the overall size of the device, facilitating flexible deployment in various production environments.

The forming characteristics of DLP 3D printing equipment are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Why Choose Lori for DLP 3D printing Service

Lori is a professional 3d printing company, consistently delivers highly reliable 3D printing service and high quality 3 D printing parts. If you are looking for DLP 3D printing parts,Lori can provide you with the best DLP 3D printing Service.

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    Instant Quote

    Upload your DLP 3D file, or we receive your quote request email, our team will immediately evaluate, you can get instant price and manufacturability feedback.

  • 02
    Rapid production

    Stereolithography SLA 3D printing projects can be delivered in as little as 3-5 days.

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    Quality assurance

    We have a robust quality assurance program that is overseen by an in-house team of quality assurance engineers to ensure the delivery of high quality parts..

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    Mass production capacity

    We have DLP 3D printing equipment in a wide range of specifications and materials, enabling 3d rapid prototyping and high volume production.

  • 05
    Engineering inspection and status update

    All designs are checked by Lori's engineers before being sent for DLP 3D printing. After confirming the order, you will receive a production status update.

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    Professional engineering services

    Professional engineering services are always available, we have experienced engineers in the field of 3D printing to provide you with the best solutions for your parts design, production, material selection, surface treatment options.

DLP 3D Printing Materials

DLP molding technology generally uses photosensitive resins as printing materials.

White Resin (9900)

Advantages: The printed models have a smooth surface, high precision, waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, and a fast delivery cycle.  

Main Applications:

- Samples for the automotive industry, medical device industry, and consumer electronics

- Water flow analysis, RTV models, durable concept models, duct tests, and rapid casting models

Transparent Resin A (9100)

Advantages: Exceptional optical clarity, excellent moisture resistance, and ease of use and finishing.  

Main Applications**:

- Conceptual and functional models for fluid flow analysis

- Functional testing in optical transmission work

- Car headlight and taillight models

- Electronic screen models

White Resin A (8900)  

Advantages: Low shrinkage, excellent yellowing resistance, excellent machinability, manufacturing precision, and high toughness parts.  

Main Applications:

- Car rearview mirror and storage box models

- Laptop computer and coffee machine shell models

- Faucet models

- Toy models

Black Resin (9000)

Advantages: Suitable for manufacturing large parts with excellent surface quality and isotropic mechanical properties.  

Main Applications:

- Customized terminal products

- Robust functional prototypes

- Car cabin parts

- Functional testing for the aerospace industry

- Small batch connectors for the electronic and electrical industry

Yellow Resin (8800)

Advantages: Outstanding strength and high toughness, with a wide range of applications, offering both high precision and surface quality, and heat resistance up to 60°C. 

Main Applications:

- Automotive industry

- Consumer electronics industry

- Conceptual models

- General parts and functional parts production

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