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Available 3D Printing Materials

Materials are the important material basis of 3D printing technology.  On the one hand, the printing process of different principles and the application scenarios of different products determine the choice of specific materials;  On the other hand, once the material is selected, it also determines the printing process to be used and the resulting process limitations.  At present, common 3D printing materials include plastics, metals, elastomers and so on.  If you need 3D printing service, welcome to consult the customer service, customer service will provide detailed solutions according to your needs. 

How to Work With Us

With many years of 3d printing experience, Lori offers the best solutions for all rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing needs. 

Lori's 3D printing project 

LORI has participated in various 3D printing projects. The following are some of our 3D printing projects. If you have any 3D printing project needs, please contact us 

Let's Start making custom 3D printing parts !

Let us help you get the first 3D printing prototype underway and have 3D printed parts in your hands in just three days.  Our engineers help you through the design process.  Now start your 3D printing project! 

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