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Advantages of Wire EDM Machining

The wire EDM cutting is essential for a variety of industrial field, and here are some of the advantages of wire EDM cutting technology.

  • 01
    High precision

    Wire EDM cutting can produce tiny EDM discharges on the metal surface to achieve high-precision cutting and processing.

  • 02
    Fast speed

    Wire EDM machining can be cut and processed at high speed and continuously to achieve high efficiency production.

  • 03
    Low cost

    Wire EDM machining does not need to use traditional hard materials such as steel knives, grinding stones and other abrasives, without tool replacement and wear, saving a lot of tool costs..

wire EDM machining
  • 04
    Wide applicability

    Wire EDM machining can cut and machining thin sheets and thin-walled components of various metal materials, which is suitable for various fields and industries in the manufacturing industry.

  • 05

    Can machining complex shapes

    Wire EDM machining can maching a variety of complex shapes, can achieve automatic processing without manual intervention, improve production efficiency.

  • 06
    Save material

    Wire EDM using a small wire as a tool electrode, the knife edge is small after machining, which improves the material utilization rate and reduces the material cost.

Wire EDM Materials

Edm is suitable for machining some conductive materials with high hardness, high strength and high brittleness, so it is some conductive metals and alloys that are difficult to process, including:

Stainless steelsTitaniumBrass
Carbon steelAluminumCopper
High-speed steelsCarbideBronze
Tool steelsInconelMagnesium
Hardened steelsTungstenNickel
High-speed cobaltHastelloyMolybdenum

Types of Wire EDM Machines

Lori has different type of Wire EDM machines available for production. 

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