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Rapid prototyping (RP) technology, developed in the 1990s, has become an essential tool for manufacturing companies in new product development. This advanced manufacturing technology allows designers to quickly, directly, and accurately transform concepts into functional models or finished products. This capability enables rapid evaluation and modification of product designs while simultaneously testing product functions, significantly reducing development cycles.

Moreover, rapid prototyping lowers the risks and costs associated with mold creation and new product development. By promptly identifying and correcting design errors, it avoids the high costs of subsequent process modifications, thereby greatly improving the success rate of new product production.

Among rapid prototyping methods, 3D printing is particularly favored for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With 3D printing, prototyping costs typically range from $5 to $50, and the production cycle is extremely short, often just 1 to 3 business days. In addition to 3D printing, other methods such as CNC rapid prototyping, rapid injection molding prototyping, and sheet metal fabrication prototyping can also be employed for rapid prototyping service.

Rapid Injection Molding Prototyping

Prototype injection molding, also known as rapid injection molding, is an efficient process that uses the rapid prototyping tooling for molding method to produce injection molding parts faster than standard mold times. This acceleration is achieved by using aluminum tools, eliminating certain complex elements, or simplifying the mold and manufacturing process. Due to the nature of this rapid tool, manufacturing costs are also low, making it suitable for rapid prototyping project budgets.
Rapid injection molding is ideal for model manufacturing during development or for pre-production samples, which ensures consistent product quality and accuracy.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is an advanced process with multiple advantages, which can achieve many advantages such as high precision, fast speed, low cost and high design freedom, providing enterprises with more efficient, faster and lower cost manufacturing solutions, and fully demonstrating the great potential of advanced technology in manufacturing.

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    High precision

    Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology adopts computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, which can realize the precise manufacturing of complex parts and can achieve very high accuracy requirements, which is more accurate than traditional manual manufacturing methods.

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    High design freedom

    Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology has good design freedom, can produce a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, can achieve personalized design, customized production, so that products more in line with customer needs.

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    Widely used

    Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology has been widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields, not only can manufacture various parts and accessories, but also can be used to manufacture models, prototypes, molds, and manufacture footwear, jewelry, crafts and other consumer goods.

CNC machining power battery box prototype
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    Fast speed

    Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology can achieve a fast and efficient manufacturing process, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and improve the production efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises.

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    Low cost

    Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology can improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, saving the expenditure of manpower and capital. In addition, because high-precision products can be manufactured, the cost of post-repair and rework can be avoided, making the manufacturing cost cheaper.

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    ​​​Communicate effectively

    Solid models allow designers to share their concepts with clients, colleagues, and partners, conveying ideas in ways that cannot be achieved by simply visualizing the design on a computer. Rapid prototyping helps obtain clear, actionable consumer feedback, which allows designers to better understand user needs and improve and refine their designs

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